Sunday, October 7, 2012

Play Anno1777, Free Browser Game That Pays

Want to earn easy money just playing game? Here it is, you can earn big money with anno1777, BUT you should know how to play !!!

You may already join anno1777 and quite, still do not know how to play anno and make profit with the game, I am here to help you guide through game and earn profit everyday depends on your power.

Now, let’s get to know about this game

1. You can play from any web browser no download require, you can do a thing that you like (play online) and earn a nice income every month. How cool is that? It’s much more fun and easier than any other thing you do to make money online;

2) You can make money from almost everything. Even for a small thing like completing your profile you can earn a bonus in cash daily;

3) In fact if you have some luck you can buy lottery tickets and earn huge prizes in money and gold. Some of the players won a small fortune in Anno1777 from this activity alone;

4) You can cash out your money through Western Union when you have 25 euro in your account or transfer International Bank Transfer at minimum of 100EURO. You only need to wait 2 or 3 days to see the money in your bank account after you’ve hit the cash out button;

5) The game is 100% Free. You can invest money in it too and develop your account much faster but this is not required for earning money with Anno1777;

6) Playing the game is very easy and you have all the explanations you need inside the members area plus a forum where you can ask any questions and someone will answer it in a matter of minutes;

7) With the right strategy and some time invested in this game daily you can earn a lot of money.

8) To earn the big money and prevent lose in game, you need to know how to play, I will access you from there.

Before start, you need to join Anno1777 and Verified the Account

Once you are done, PM me In Game (Fi2eeDoM) along with your skype, I will teach you how to play!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Various Ways to Earn in Anno1777 for Beginners

If you are newbie and just start to know anno, here is important information that you should read and understand.

The important in game
The only thing to determine how much profit you get is WELLNESS

To increase wellness, you need
- Stay in house [25 wellness daily], you can buy or rent anywhere in game and move in the house, the house no need to be at the same place you stay. It can be anywhere, if you have some budget, buying at 10g is worth than renting, it is good for long term investment
- Wear cloths [suggest q5 cloth and get 50 wellness per day]
- Drink wine to get 100 wellness, [wine q3-q5 will get 25 wellness]
- Food, [For Worrier, Worker No needed – You can be both] it helps booth wellness 5 points every 6 hours

1. Get Money from Bonus
There are 5 types of bonuses you can get everyday, each country and Private Island is different
- Attack Bonus, For each won fight, the government gives you a bonus [If you have atk weapon, it will count 0.5point per atk]
- Direct Slaves, For every slave you own the Government gives you a bonus daily, according your wellness
- Referrer Bonus, For every permanent slave you own, the Government gives you a daily bonus
- Complete Profile, If you have your profile filled in and 10 pictures approved you get a daily bonus
- Work Bonus, After 5 worked days in a row you get a bonus, according to your wellness
To check, what bonus you can get, simply click Statistics & Summary and you will see the bonus you can get

The above picture showing that, I am at Mongolia Private Island, and I can get only from Work Bonus of 80 MND every 5 days work

2. From Work
You can work only where you have citizen and you can only work once every 24 hours

3. From War
You will get Gold according to percentage you make hits as below
1. Private Medal: 40000 pts. 1 GOLD
2. Corporal Medal: 80000 pts. 1 GOLD
3. Sergeant Medal: 200000 pts. 3 GOLD
4. Lieutenant Medal: 400000 pts. 5 GOLD
5. Captain Medal: 800000 pts. 10GOLD
6. Major Medal: 2000000 pts. 30GOLD
7. Colonel Medal: 4000000 pts. 50 GOLD
8. General Medal: 8000000 pts. 100 GOLD

To start making hit in war, you needed
1., Stay in house, wear full set of q5 cloths
2. 1 Atk weapon [can be q1 or q5]
3. Full set of q5 def weapon
To make profit from war, you still need to learn how to make smart hit and you will get profit from that

4. Referral
You will get tax from both direct ref [other can attack and he will be under new master or you can block using EURO] and permanent ref and all ref can be sold
You can sell slave you attack and sell on market or keep it to get tax if no one else attack him again, you can attack only once per 24 hours

5. Open Company
You need money to open company but you may be loss lots of money if you open the wrong one, just ignore this part until you get used to the game and start thinking smarter.

If you read this and still have some question, feel free to post comment or chat with me on Skype.

First Thing to Do After Join Anno1777: Verify Account

Since the new rule of anno1777 apply and everyone in game have to verified in person before allowing earn real money in Game.

Here are steps to verified anno1777 account
1. Register an account at cashtrusted website
2. Check email and activate account
3. Verify your phone by send sms “your user name” to the number on the screen.
You will receive the code to enter and you pass step 1 verify.
4. Now, you need to verify the step 2
There are 3 ways to verify in step 2
4.1 Verify by paying of 5 Euro using your cell phone
4.2 Upload your document
- ID scan: the only important fields are: name, surname, address and photo. The rest can be blacked
- Upload3 recent photos: the face in the id card MUST BE VISIBLE.
4.3 Receive code by mail to your address, it may take longer but it’s free, once you receive mail from cashtrusted along with verified code, enter the code in cashtrusted website to verify

Now, you can have a verified cashtrusted, go to account and add your user and password of anno1777 and now you can start play game, earn real money and cashout.